4-Steps to Ensuring Proactive Maintenance & IT Support for Your Business

Posted On March 17, 2016 By Kevin O'Brien


In our digitally dependent world, a blackout of any duration can damage profits and client confidence. Yet 70% of companies, both with internal IT departments and those using hosted IT vendors, take a patchwork approach to managing their infrastructure. These businesses receive lackluster IT support at best, waiting for problems to occur and then scrambling to deal with the fallout.

Without constant monitoring, your servers – and your company – are vulnerable to everything from business interruptions to data breaches. It’s ineffective and costly. Your faulty IT support system distracts you from your goals for growth.

Technology should be used to facilitate business growth and productivity, not inhibit it. Here’s what it takes to safeguard your company’s IT infrastructure in order to maintain your current environment and set you up for future growth.

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4 Essentials for Proactive IT Support

Whether you employ a hosted IT service or are managing IT yourself, be certain to:

1)      Verify Continuous System Back-up

Each morning, verify that you’re on-site and cloud back-up systems are working. Run data virtualization on your server hourly, and then push it to the cloud to be again virtualized every hour. This double coverage ensures that data is preserved both on your systems and off-site in the cloud.

2)      Ensure Proper Server Operations

Proactively ensure you have sufficient space and CPU resources; review system/server events; and search for potential OS errors and fix them before they become real-time issues.

3)      Run Strategic Patch and Status Updates

If you receive a notification to run status updates every time you log in to your computer, you’re at risk for devastating cyberattacks and serious software glitches. Each day, take the time to assess crucial patch and status updates strategically and perform them the second they are available.

4)      Double Check Your Anti-Virus Console for Alerts

Analyze viruses and threats detected in the anti-virus console. Always perform all tasks necessary to protect your infrastructure and maintain a healthy IT environment.

These four essential steps can help your business start every day risk-free and ready for optimum performance. When you partner with Advance, we conduct each of these tasks (and so many others!) before they come across your desk – leaving you feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

Advance Hosted IT Service and Support

At Advance, we choose to offer our partners a fully managed hosted IT service and support system. Our new IT Command Center enables us to pinpoint and fix potential trouble before it negatively impacts your operations. We minimize system risk so you can keep growing.

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