KIP in the Cloud – Wide Format Printing

Posted On September 20, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

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Many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and built in cloud printing options for their devices.  Such options allow MFD (multifunctional device) users to easily print both inside and outside of the local network. KIP is no exception and they have also released some neat features that allow cloud-like printing to their wide format devices.

The KIP “Cloud Print” option works much in the same way as other MFD manufacturers, relying on email protocols for delivery rather than Java plug-ins.  The KIP device can be configured to routinely check an existing POP3 or IMAP email account for messages with attachments. Once the KIP receives an attachment containing a valid format, it is processed then plotted or held in the appropriated queue for future release. Users can even specify minimal print options in the email body by using some simple switches understood by the KIP software. These include things like the number of copies, media types such as bond or film, and also file names in cases where there are multiple files in the email.

For our demo room purposes we created a generic Gmail account solely for the KIP. If you choose Gmail or a like email provider, be sure to enable the POP and IMAP options or your clients, such as the KIP, will not be able to download messages. Configuring the KIP is a snap and can be done easily through the Web interface within the “Email Plug-in” tab. After adding the POP/IMAP server along with credentials, the KIP device will monitor messages on that account and print attachments accordingly. By default it’s set to check the account every three minutes, but that option is fully customizable.

The KIP Cloud Print option could be a very valuable piece of technology for your business. Many designers and architects spend their days in the field with no direct link to a wide format printing device. A simple email to the KIP will provide users back at home base with the documents they need. iPad, iPhone, and other smartphone users also can enjoy driver-less printing directly from their device by way of email.  For more information on the KIP Cloud Print options please contact your Advance sales representative.