Top 10 Benefits of Adopting Managed Print Services for Your Business

Posted On November 16, 2016 By Advance Blog

Most organizations have a variety of contracts from several different service providers for their multifunctional devices, printers, software, and supplies. This fragmented approach to buying is inefficient and expensive, but there is a better way!

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services optimizes your print environment to offer visibility into your print spend, a fixed monthly budget, reduction of waste, and increased end user productivity.

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Top 10 Benefits of Managed Print Services

  1. Low Operating Costs

After optimizing your print fleet to include only the most cost effective and productive equipment, you will receive just one invoice per month from the same supplier.

With a fixed monthly price, you won’t be left guessing what your month to month costs will be.

As your Managed Print Services provider learns more about your team’s equipment usage and patterns, they can further optimize to bring prices down again!

  1. End User Productivity

Adopting a managed print program allows your team to spend less time feeling frustrated with technology and more time being productive. You will save time with:

  • 1 number to call if there are issues
  • 1 print driver to install on your devices
  • 1 printer to learn
  1. Sustainability

Managed Print Services will inherently allow your team to be more sustainable. Many providers even have “green” initiatives in place to help your team properly recycle its materials.

Also, after monitoring your print output, Managed Print Services providers will develop and teach best practices for conserving your existing equipment and supplies.

  1. Improved Security and Compliance

Every industry requires a different level of security and compliance sometimes even separate departments within the same organization may need differing security measures. With Managed Print Services, you can decide what security measures you need to deploy and where they should be administered.

  1. Less Strain on IT

Did you know that up to 50% of your team’s helpdesk calls to IT are likely regarding printer-related issues? With Managed Print Services, your team will have a better understanding of the technology at hand, the devices will be right-sized and optimized for your team, and if there is an issue, they know that they can call their Managed Print Services provider for assistance. Adopting Managed Print Services lets your IT team get back to mission-critical tasks.

  1. Just One Invoice

Adopters of Managed Print Services spend less time sorting through paperwork trying to match the right invoices to the company. They receive one bill in the mail and they pay the same vendor each month. Doesn’t that sound less stressful?

  1. Vendor Consolidation

Chances are, you have hardware in your office from multiple vendors. Managing all of those relationships takes its toll on the company, and there are many benefits to weeding out the excess vendors in favor of fewer companies that you can really rely on.

Benefits to Consolidating Vendors

  • By placing a larger order with your vendor, they are more likely to lower your overall pricing, saving you money in the long-term.
  • Managing vendors is a time consuming process. Consolidating means you will have more time to focus on the tasks that matter.
  • By lowering the number of suppliers you use, you will dramatically lower your freight costs.
  1. Expense Control

Without proper visibility into your print environment, it’s easy to accidentally overspend. With Managed Print Services, you are able to monitor the print output of specific users and departments and optimize based on what is being used.

  1. Cost Visibility

90% of US companies have no visibility into their print output costs.

Managed Print Services analyzes and optimizes your print environment to bring you visibility and ultimately save you a ton of money.

Before adopting Managed Print Services, an organization could expect to lose money on:

  • Expensive ink cartridges
  • Services charges
  • Downtime
  • Shipping fees
  • IT support
  1. Save on Document Output

1-3% of corporate revenue is spent on document output. That puts printing as the third highest office expense–only behind rent and payroll!

With Managed Print Services, you have the opportunity to save up to 40% on your document output.

Managed Print Services from Advance

Managed Print Services optimizes your print environment to offer visibility into your print spend, a fixed monthly budget, reduction of waste, and increased end user productivity. We act as a consultant, advising you on the most strategic and cost effective approach to managing your entire output environment. We ensure your fleet is right-sized and evaluate your business workflows and processes.

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