Ricoh Fiery Devices Offering Mobile Enhancements

Posted On May 11, 2012 By Kevin O'Brien

As the public demand for mobile printing solution continues to grow, manufacturers are putting effort in developing solutions that “just work.” When attaching to your company network with and iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or other handheld, it only seems right that you would be presented with options to print. Right? There are many solutions out there and all have different features but newer Ricoh devices such as the MP-C3502 coupled with the EFI E-3300 Fiery can help you accomplish this goal.

Fiery is partnered with just about every major MFP/Printer manufacturer and offers high quality external and embedded print controllers. These controllers offer fast processing of print jobs while producing images of significantly better quality than standard print controllers. Our previous blogs have mentioned Fiery enabled Canon devices that have the ability to enable mobile printing either out of the box or with a simple software patch. At that time Ricoh Fiery’s were restricted but now are able to offer this integrated mobile printing solution without configuration.

The new Ricoh solution relies on exactly the same technology as the Canon devices sold by Advance. Bonjour is the group of protocols and services used to enable the latest mobile printing solutions on these devices and yes, for those using Mac’s or iTunes you have seen that term before. You may have heard of the term Zero Configuration Networking or Zeroconf and this is exactly what Bonjour is, or Apple’s flavor of Zeroconf. Once your mobile device is on the local network it can easily locate other devices using Bonjour and determine its functions without hardly any interaction from the user. Having the option to print from your mobile device is a must in today’s business world and Advance can help offer the correct solution. Contact Advance to see how we can help integrate mobile into your environment.