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Is Your MFD Technology Secure?

Technology is changing ever so rapidly and there has never been a better time to ensure the security of your data transmissions. In just about every business activity, data is sent or retrieved in some way or fashion to or from the cloud. For your typical end-user he or she has no idea how that…

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In A Word: Integration

Remember when copiers could only copy?  It was a much simpler time back then…… Scratch that. I am not old enough to be starting sentences that way. Copiers that just copied, it actually wasn’t that long ago. Over the last decade, the copier industry has gone through two major shifts in technology. In the late…

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Dunder Mifflin: Limitless Paper in a Paperless World

If you’re a fan of NBC’s The Office, you probably recognize the title above.  It was a tagline delivered at the end of an employee made commercial, representing the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictitious paper company, Dunder Mifflin.  It was spoken in the ads voice over by the quirky regional manager, Michael Scott, played…

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