Use those widgets

Posted On May 27, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

As previous blogs have noted, there are many configuration options out there for your Ricoh/Savin device.  Ricoh’s line of apps for their Java “App2Me” ( platform contain some really interesting and usable options for the typical end user.  Obtaining most of these apps is a simple task and most install within minutes after reading the easy to follow directions.  As a prerequisite, your device must have the Java option and the client PC must have Google Desktop and privileges to install applications.

A common request received by the Advance Network Services department is to have a drag and drop option for printing.  In this scenario the user would be able to drag an existing document located on their PC to a folder or drop-box and have it print out on their MFP.  This option is now available via the App2Me Print app to all end-users without the need for heavy configuration.  After being installed and enabled, you will be able to access and detach the widget from your Google Desktop sidebar or wherever you have chosen to dock it.  Simply drag and drop your docs to the widget for easy printing.  You may then release your job on any device within your local network that has App2Me installed and enabled.

App2Me has several other apps that end users may have interest in as well.  Scan to Evernote appears to be growing in popularity as it integrates in with the widely used iPhone app and helps keep you organized.  Other popular scanning apps are App2Me Scan, Scan to Google Docs, and Scan to Google Mail.  With more and more people living in the cloud you can only see why these are popular.  Regardless of what your need is I recommend taking a look at what the App2Me portal has to offer.  While it’s not an enterprise solution, many small offices and users in peer to peer environments will benefit from its offerings. If you’re looking for more info, reach out to us or browse our website.