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Internal IT Person or Department

Your business would benefit from hiring an internal IT person or department.

Why is this the best solution for my business?

The volume of your device-users, paired with your company’s mission-critical need for its IT systems to remain up and running leaves your organization in a position where it clearly needs IT representatives on-scene and readily available to help as soon as an issue occurs.

Why it makes sense:

At any given time, an employee’s laptop could be water-damaged, another could fall prey to a phishing attack, or your backup system could fail. Your company runs well when its technology is operating at peak efficiency – and you just do not have the time to wait on a solution if something needs to be fixed. An internal resource who is readily available in the event of an issue, who, in their down time, can be monitoring your systems and implementing new technology, is your best bet for the most efficient and cost-effective IT solution.

Your IT team can strategize with leadership to develop and implement strategic IT initiatives that help your business operate more effectively and grow in the years to come.

Why it makes sense:

Technology should help to inform your business strategy and be leveraged to work towards optimization and growth. Having a team that you trust to work closely with leadership to develop a plan that is in line with your initiatives and who knows your business well enough to make an informed recommendation will allow you to get the most out your technology and software. This IT team can also be responsible for carrying out the IT initiatives as time moves forward.

Your employees require a lot of different devices, platforms, subscriptions, software, and providers to do their jobs. An IT team can manage the relationship you have with these vendors easily and effectively.

Why it makes sense:

Having your internal IT department or person manage all of these properties will streamline the support, billing, and maintenance of these properties in a way that benefits all parties involved. Your employees will know who to call when they are experiencing issues (and will stop wasting time on hold), your billing team will feel a lot more organized, and the vendors will appreciate having someone on the other line who is fluent in “technology” and can be an adequate partner for conversations around service and support.

Additional Considerations:

No matter what type of IT solution you have in place, one of the most important considerations to have on your radar is IT security. Just one breach or natural disaster could put you out of business forever!

In addition to your internal IT resource, we recommend you partner with someone to perform regular IT check ups for your organization and provide a technology roadmap to your IT team to ensure your security is covered on all sides.

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