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Designing Actionable Print Materials

You’re already printing materials to advertise your business. Whether that’s as simple as supplying every employee with a business card or it’s grown into a complex, personalized direct mailer campaign, you always have an opportunity to drive people towards your website. However, even the best intentions can fall short if you don’t rely on design best practices for getting people to take action. Here are some tips:

1. Only give one logical next step per printed piece. In this case, you’re trying to drive in website traffic. So, keep it simple, and print your website as the only contact information on the material. If they’re interested, they will have to visit your page to see more information. (Don’t worry; if they feel like they MUST call you, your phone number is on the home page of your site!)

Cyber Monday Infographic

2. Use action-oriented words to direct contacts toward exactly what you would like them to do next.

“Visit our website to download your coupon!”
“Search [Your Company Name] on Google!"

The power of persuasion is real, people!

3. Using a bold color to draw attention to your website or next step on your printed piece will allow 70% of readers to locate that information more quickly. Don’t be shy! Try a bold and bright complementary brand color for the most punch.

For more tips and suggestions on how to best design your business' print materials to drive visitors to your website, read our blog on the subject!

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