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HotSpot Printing – Anytime, Anywhere, from Anything

Today, it seems like everyone is traveling with a Laptop, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad. And in many cases, people have multiple devices. Because of this, public places, such as airports, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops are providing free wireless internet access to meet the demands of their customers. But what do those customers do when they have documents that they need to print?

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Printing to MFPs in a Mac World

MFP (multifunctional printer) network printing and scanning options for your Mac have come very far over the years. While the Mac platform has always been regarded as the pinnacle for graphic design, print/scan options for many MFP’s were lacking in comparison to the PC world. Over the past 10 years, Mac has made drastic improvements within its OS and along with that, software for your MFP to allow better print and scan integration.

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