The Advanced Art of Training

Posted On October 10, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

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Advance prides itself in providing the best technicians to service our hardware devices, as well as the software that makes them run.  It’s no surprise that Advance has an amazing in-house training program for all of our service technicians.  Many dealerships have to rely on manufacturer supported training, but Advance employs factory trained trainers, which allows for thorough training to be conducted on premises at our main office in Cockeysville, Maryland.

Employee training is something that all businesses need to take seriously. Properly trained employees reflect on the quality of service an organization can provide, and Advance has a proven track record of excellent service. Businesses, such as Advance, who have deep rooted training programs also find elevated morale levels amongst their employees and higher rates of problem resolution.

As advances are made in technology, MFP’s, printers, and like devices are becoming more intricate and require different levels of training.  The days of non-networked devices and copiers are almost gone, and just about every device that Advance sells is connected to a network in one way or another.  The Advance training program gives each technician not only the ability to troubleshoot hardware issues but also the insight to troubleshoot simple connectivity issues.  Having well rounded technicians provides better quality of service for our client base and also boosts confidence within the team.  Rest assured, that when Advance is servicing your device, you have expert technicians working on the problem. To learn more, visit us or ask us a specific question.