Document Management Mobility – a Window to Your Business from Anywhere in the World

Posted On April 10, 2012 By Advance Blog

In its purest sense, document management is the electronic conversion of your paper-based workflow. It’s taking what once required a piece of paper to move through your organization through inner-office mail, Fed-Ex, or hand delivery, and streamlining it to be an electronic, compliant document that can move freely online or through a customized software package. Don’t stop reading – customized software sounds expensive, but it’s really not.

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Not when you take a look at how a piece of software can be custom fit to your unique business from an existing software solution with an open platform.  Factor in a mobile device, and you’ve got instantaneous access to the document and the knowledge of exactly where it is in its lifecycle.  With a mobile document management solution you can find the precise point of where it is in your company’s process with the swipe of a finger or a few key strokes.


Let’s have a look, shall we? Imagine if you will, a sales VP who travels quite a bit for business. She’s always on the go, and having to take along entire client files can be difficult when jumping from plane to plane to close a deal. So what if she could have it all at her fingertips on the screen of her mobile tablet – and even get the customer signature on the iPad? Add to that the fact that the contract signature immediately initiates the customer’s order, speeding along the process making them happier, and getting the sales VP paid sooner. We don’t sell the iPad, but we sell the system, DocuWare, that has the App that gives the customer a window into their business from anywhere in the world.


Document technology is changing at the speed of light, and having access at your fingertips positions you with an advantage – the advantage to have a streamlined system in place to have a better position in the market over the competition. Optimizing document processes and systems and making them available on the go can make all the difference to the people in your organization like the VP of Sales in our story. Success stories are our specialty. Let us help you write yours…