Mobile Apps for Document Management

Posted On June 10, 2011 By Advance Blog

You’re sitting in the airport about to head off to a week-long vacation when you realize that you’ve forgotten to approve a sales contract for a product that needs to ship to a customer this week. You have no laptop (because, let’s be real… you’re about to go on vacation!), and without your electronic stamp of approval, the contract can’t go through the system. That means you’d have to call your boss to go into the system and approve it, and that never looks good for you. What do you do?

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If you’re an Advance customer, running on a customized DocuWare electronic document management system, it’s quite simple. You pull out your iPhone or iPad and approve the order. Yes, it’s true – there’s an app for that. Advance’s document management partner, DocuWare, has two apps designed to work with the Apple mobile platforms (both the iPhone and the iPad) – DocuWare Mobile and Mobile Plus (check out DocuWare’s blog post on the iPad app). All file formats can be viewed on the mobile devices in the same environment as they would be on your computer. Your smartphone is integrated into the internal electronic office workflow, so you don’t miss a beat, or your flight! It’s like having an office on the go app with HTTPS-encryption for top level security. And with the iPad app, you can even download PDF files directly into iBooks for an easy read or impressive way to house all your notes at your fingertips for a meeting.