OnSite & Online Equals Digital Copier Plug & Play

Posted On April 4, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

Wouldn’t it be nice if each time you purchased a new MFP, copier, and printer it arrived fully functional, ready to print and/or scan?

Advance now employs the OnSite and Online program which allows for networked devices to be pre-programmed prior to arrival at the customers location.  In previous years the network installation of a multi-function or print device would take place directly after delivery or scheduled in the days after.  This method works however there is also the potential for downtime whereas with OnSite and Online the device is fully functional upon arrival.

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Prior to delivery the Advance Network Services department makes contact with the end-user or I.T. contact to determine the customer needs.  Address books and other data are backed up if existing equipment is present and imported to the new devices.  Even print drivers are setup prior to arrival using Group Policy or deployment via script as well as scan options such as scan-to-email and scan-to-folder.  All information gathered during the discovery phase is then programmed into each device prior to leaving the Advance warehouse.

Upon arrival the pre-programmed devices are plugged in and connected to the customers network.  Printing and scanning functions are immediately available since installation was completed prior to device arrival.  The OnSite and Online program drastically reduces the amount of on-site configuration time and increases productivity for the client.