Your People Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Posted On February 18, 2012 By Advance Blog

If I were to ask some of you what you thought your most valuable asset is, what would the answer be? Your people, right? Your people make up the flavor, the culture of who you are as a company. They make the machine run. Without them, who would serve your customers?

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We’re completely in sync with that. We truly value our people. They are the ones you, our customers, interact with and identify with. So we’re passionate about making sure that they are the best that they can be for our customers. That requires development. We’re fresh off of a three day development training course which outlined the process of hiring the right person. There’s an art to hiring, and it’s important to us to teach our people how to select the right person.

One of the examples we worked through with our consultant was the cost, both tangible and intangible, in hiring someone that is not the right fit for the position. The numbers were staggering in start-up costs, time invested, and decreased morale. While the exact dollar amount may vary based on the position, direct costs of hiring a mistake can sometimes cost anywhere from one to even three times the salary of the new hire.

An even bigger challenge is customer experience with turnover and lost opportunity. We understand the value that long term relationships bring to our clients, both at the customer level, and at the employee level. We are proud of our employee tenure and it is a foundation for repeat customers.

As you consider the fit that potential venders and partners may have for your business, understand that we put the same effort into selecting and training our employees. We know that the right person in the right job means a better experience for our clients.

We often hear from visitors to our office, “Hey, it seems like people really like to work here!” We appreciate it because we know there is an art, and a science, to finding the people that “live and breathe this stuff.”