Using statistics to win in business when you’re not the biggest guy in the bid

Posted On March 29, 2012 By Advance Blog

Spring is here, which means baseball is creeping back into our minds. Coincidentally, I was recently listening to a podcast about the concepts behind the movie Moneyball. Essentially, a baseball team with fewer resources is forced to look for advantages in building and creating a team in nontraditional and data driven avenues. This approach infuriated the traditionalist baseball people that knew sports were about non measurable qualities or at the very least, the statistics that we had grown up with. Through analysis and a deeper look at the numbers, they were able to see a clear path to a calculated, winning season.

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On a similar note, at Advance – The Document Specialists, we spend most of our time helping small- and medium-sized businesses compete against the national organizations (for all intents and purposes in making my point – the big league). Sure, we have some very large accounts, but the majority of what we do is work with the regional and entrepreneurial firms. If we can take lessons from an underdog baseball team, why can’t we translate that to our business decisions? We can help decide what statistics and data are important to your firm “winning” against the competition. For instance, we have software called DocuLife Line that can provide analysis of power consumption, down time and peak work periods on our equipment. Maybe these are the gems that will provide value to the marketplace.

So now our customers are armed with more efficient processes (reference our recent video case study for an example) and a competitive edge because they have the knowledge of the numbers and a strategic angle. Let me know if you want an evaluation of how we can do the same for your business. My batting average is pretty good.