Wide Format Software Enhancements

Posted On July 26, 2012 By Kevin O'Brien

I was speaking with a colleague of mine a few weeks back who mentioned that our wide format offerings could use more blog space.  With KIP launching some new software products not that long ago I can’t think of a better time to put this out so here it goes…

If you are a current Wide Format client with Advance then you will really want to tune in on this one.  KIP has beefed up two of its main software applications not only to increase functionality but also ease of use.  KIP Request has long been the network printing application used by KIP and really had some great features.  Merging, reducing/enlarging, collating, scanning, etc., was a snap through Request and really took the task out of job submittal.  All of that was just made even easier with the release of KIP Print.  With all the same functionality of Request, KIP Print now incorporates a newly designed UI with an easy to use ribbon style action bar, better PDF/DWF processing, and enhanced file viewing.  It used to be that providing the end user with a multitude of confusing options was the way to go but it seems KIP took a different direction on this release.  All commonly used functions are readily accessible and the whole product is extremely user friendly.

Along with KIP Print they have also made available KIP Track for anyone wanting to track or bill back their plots.  Many businesses out there would love to charge back but struggle at accurate billing since they lack the tools.  With KIP Track you can easily add users, jobs, or descriptions without ever physically touching the device.  Tracking can be implemented for copies, plots, and even scanning to SMB/FTP or email.  This is great even for those submitting jobs to the KIP via their mobile device whether an iOS, Android, or other device.  Check out my previous mobile printing blog for KIP if that sounds like something your company could benefit from. You can find it here.

Lastly KIP just released a brand new AutoCAD driver to compliment the Windows driver and other software.  Fully compatible with both 32 and 64 bit, it’s also fully compatible with AutoCAD 2012.  If you have ever wanted more control over your pen weights then take a look at the new driver as changes have been made to the image controls which may help in that area.  The latest driver also integrates with the latest version of 7.4 system software, KIP Print, and KIP Track.