Learn how Advance has provided Tulkoff Foods, a Baltimore-based manufacturer of condiments and sauces, with proactive IT management and planning to drive their business forward and support their long term goals.

“Tulkoff Food Products is a manufacturer or sauces, condiments, and dressings. We’re an 80 year old firm, 3rd generation, my grandparents started it back in the thirties. We’re located in Baltimore, Maryland and also have a facility in Northern California.” – Philip Tulkoff, President of Tulkoff Food Products

“Tulkoff is a state-of-the-art manufacturing company, very forward thinking, and IT is critically important to what they do – even if it’s not apparent in the forefront.” – Jeff Elkin, President of Advance 

“Downtime for us is really something that we cannot have. Our ERP system runs the entire company. So, if our computers are down, or the ERP system is down, we essentially can’t function. We can’t put in orders, we can’t run bills, we can’t pick orders for tomorrow, we can’t run manufacturing. It’s critical that we’re up 7 days a week.” – Philip Tulkoff, President of Tulkoff Food Products 

“When Advance and Tulkoff first started our relationship, we found that the pain that they were experiencing wasn’t all that different from a lot of small to medium sized businesses out there. And they lacked a true forward-thinking approach to IT” – Kevin O’Brien, Advance virtual Chief Information Officer. 

“It was frustrating to have a part-time IT person. If we had an IT problem during our uptime, they weren’t always readily available. With Advance, we can pick up the phone, or through email or through the web, and their response time has been phenomenal.” – Philip Tulkoff, President of Tulkoff Food Products 

IT should be supportive to a company’s goals. It should facilitate them to achieve their objectives. But, too often, it’s a hindrance – it’s a problem. It’s creating problems instead of allowing them to achieve their strategy. Our goal is to make sure that their IT is aligned with their success and achievement of their objectives as opposed to holding them back,” Jeff Elkin, President of Advance. 

“Our goal here, by on-boarding Tulkoff was not to become a run-of-the-mill IT provider, but to establish a true business partnership. We want to see Tulkoff grow just as much as they do.” Kevin O’Brien, Advance virtual Chief Information Officer. 

“The relationship with Advance has been great – they check in to see if everything is going well. They are a business partner as opposed to just being a vendor. They’re here looking to help us improve, and keep us up and running, and it’s been a great partnership.” – Philip Tulkoff, President of Tulkoff Food Products

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