Reduce print costs. Improve sustainability.

At Advance, We partner with you to understand your organization's unique and complex challenges and provide you with the technology, processes and support that will make you more efficient and effective at what you do.

Most organizations are missing out on the opportunity to save time & money. Talk to an Advance specialist today about the technology your organization needs to be more efficient and effective. Employees will get time back and your business will save money. Win-win, right?

The possibilities are endless and tailored to your unique business needs. Here is just a sampling of the technology we can implement to help you have better visibility and control of your printing:

Badge or Pin Authentication

Reduce costs and uncollected prints all while securing sensitive information! Users print to a central, secure repository and then release the print job with a badge or pin code at the device they choose.

Print Rules

Save money and become a more sustainable organization. Rules allow you to make certain jobs print duplex instead of one-sided, B&W instead of color or redirect to a less expensive printer.

Reporting & Bill Back

Finally, visibility to what your organization is producing! Understand who is printing what, what the cost is to your organization and even chargeback departments or clients automatically if you choose.

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Client Testimonial

“[Advance] took the time to get to know us and all the needs of our small operation. [Advance] presented intelligent options for saving us money and over all made us feel like they would truly take care of our copier needs both now and as we hopefully continue to grow in the future.”

Steve R.
Hardware Solutions Customer