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Should I Move My Business to the Cloud?

The Cloud 101

The cloud is an internet-based way of computing, sharing, storing and protecting data. Everything is done online, so the work hub no longer revolves around hard drives and in-house servers.

Your Cloud Options

  • Back Up Solutions: companies that employ a hybrid approach to back up, with both on-site and cloud solutions in place, are typically able to restore essential information immediately after a crash with minimal business interruption
  • Software as a Service: lets you subscribe to software that you use over the internet
  • Infrastructure as a Service: your cloud datacenter will rely on an internet giant such as Google or Microsoft
  • Desktop as a Service: creates virtual desktops accessible from any device

aaS Benefits

    • Minimal start up fees
    • Scalability to your workforce
    • Portability

aaS Risks

    • A third party controls your internet access and the associated costs
    • Without a connection, your employees cannot work
    • Recovery times will often take longer from the cloud than a local server

Should I Move My Business to the Cloud?

Decision-guiding considerations:

Seem complicated? You betcha. Many companies attempt to navigate these waters themselves and end up with the wrong configuration of products, leaving them susceptible to daily operational errors, security breaches, compliance violations, or even a loss of company and client data.

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