Service & Support

Connected Install Agreement


• Advance technician will speak to customer before commencing a remote installation or visiting the customer’s location for an on-site
installation to confirm that a network connection and appropriate power is available for the installation.
• Advance technician will work with customer representative (required) during the installation to demonstrate the procedure for
setting up hardware and software. Note: Advance will not work with unlicensed software applications.
• Advance will setup and configure networked products at customer’s location based on the protocol and network configuration of
the customer. Standard installations for metered units will include DocuLife Line by Advance, a product that automatically reports
machine status and meter counts for service, supply and billing purposes.
• Advance will provide two hours of installation/network support at no additional charge for all equipment newly acquired from Advance. Time not used will be available for future support within a 12-month period.
• Advance will train the customer’s key operator on print driver settings and functionality of all Advance provided networked products.
• Advance will check product(s) for proper functionality before leaving customer’s site or upon completion of remote session.


• Have an active network connection and appropriate power connection ready at the time of installation.
• Network support personnel should be available to work with Advance technician during the installation process.
Additional networking support/services, including telephone support requested by customer, may be completed by Advance at
Advance’s prevailing rates.


• Advance shall not be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential resulting from its delivery of defective
or non-conforming services, work product and/or goods, or from its delay in delivering services, work product and/or goods,
nor for any anticipated or lost profits, incidental damages, loss of time, or other losses incurred by customer or any third party in
connection with the installation of any networked product. These limitations include, but are not limited to, the loss of use of the
product and services, failure of performance of the product, loss of any data (whether belonging to you or which is under your
custody and control), loss of or loss of use of any software or feature or any computer, electronics or other equipment attached or
connected to the product, and/or software related to its use, and/or for loss resulting from any injury, including but not limited
to, claims arising out of tort and/or contract law or equity. Under no circumstances shall Advance be liable to customer, its
employees, agents, successors, assigns or any third party for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages
resulting from the installation, connection, interfacing or operation of the product with any other property or equipment.
• Customer is solely responsible for a safe backup of all their data.
• Advance is not responsible for any product performance issues that occur as a result of subsequent modifications to customer’s
network, software applications, environment, topology and/or protocols. In these situations, Advance will provide assistance with
any issues that may arise, billable at the networking services rate then in effect.
• Customer understands and agrees that some custom based application software will not respond properly to certain networked products.

Advance will work with the customer to try to resolve any such issues, billable at the networking services rate then in effect.

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