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Pay-As-You-Go Help Desk

Your business would benefit from purchasing block time hours for Help Desk support from an IT Service company! This method allows you to pay for only the services you need, as you need them.

Here are your next steps:

Choose an IT Provider

Choose an IT provider with Help Desk hours available that matches your price range and strategic business initiatives. Look for a provider with a proven track-record within your industry and company size for the best results.

Why it makes sense:

IT is important, but not critical to the success of your company’s day-to-day operation. This type of IT support is ideal for companies who are able to wait a few hours before they receive the support that they need. The good news? This can be a very cost-effective type of IT support when you are not reporting issues very frequently.

IT Support for Maryland Business

Appoint a technology liaison within your organization to manage the relationship with your Help Desk company, and maintain your IT platforms, subscriptions, equipment, and providers.

Why it makes sense:

The volume of users you have that utilize devices and software does not constitute a full-time or proactive solution at your fingertips. Your technology liaison can easily manage the upgrade of new devices on a case-by-case basis, along with the subscriptions and support needed for your platforms, subscriptions, and providers. This person does not need to be an IT expert, they will just need to be the person who “owns” these processes and services.

Advance Business Systems Strategic IT Planning

Look to an outside technology expert to analyze your operations and provide a recommendation for the best technology to help your business grow and succeed. This resource may or may not be the company you look to for your Help Desk services.

Why it makes sense:

Your business is not running at the mercy of your technology – therefore, it doesn’t make sense to let your technology inform every other strategic decision for your business. An IT Strategy for your business can be developed with the help of an outside resource, and managed internally by your leadership team.

Additional Considerations:

No matter what type of IT solution you have in place, one of the most important considerations to have on your radar is IT security. Just one breach or natural disaster could put you out of business forever!

Confirm with your new IT resource that someone will be actively monitoring your data and firewall; and will be performing back ups, updates, and patches to ensure your data is protected on all sides. If your IT team cannot provide these services, we recommend hiring an additional IT Security firm to cover your bases - you can never be too careful about IT security!

And remember, if you think you are beginning to outgrow this solution (you have a large addition of device users, you implement a new type of technology that helps you run your business, etc.), it’s time to look to another method of support for your business.

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