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We know not all ideas fit on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. If your business depends on presenting or sharing concepts and ideas, whether you’re an architect or an ad agency, you probably depend on wide format prints to make an impact with your customers and prospects. But if you’re outsourcing the printing of critical documents, such as job drawings, layouts, posters, and marketing materials, or using the wrong device for the job, you could be losing time and money. With the right wide-format device you can easily and efficiently produce the documents you need on-demand.

Benefits of In-House Wide Format Printing

  • Save money by avoiding the mark-up of retail copy shops - which can be up to 50%!
  • Meet the deadline, every time, without incurring rush charges.
  • Keep your sensitive information secure - outsourcing your print jobs can expose your ideas and sensitive data to risk.

With so many wide format options - inkjet or toner, black and white or color, 24" or 60" - trust Advance to pair you with the right device for your business now and as you grow. Whether you need the connectivity to scan, email, and access job documents from the field or the flexibility to edit jobs right at the device, we have a solution for you.

Let's Think BIG

Advance offers devices from the top manufacturers in the wide-format space including Canon and KIP.

KIP Wide Format

A big player in the wide format world, KIP provides digital devices that offer dependable, high quality, and efficient output, consistently. A low cost of operation paired with high speed output allows KIP to produce digital printers and scanning solutions, in both black and white and color options, that print up to 36" wide.

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CANON Wide Format

Canon has developed a line of state--of-the-art systems that meets the needs of most industries - including GIS professionals, artists, architects and engineers. Built to offer exceptional quality, flexibility, and speed, Canon offers three families of printers:

  • 12-color - built specifically with photographers and graphic artists in mind
  • 8- color - for the production market
  • 5-color - used across many verticals, prints an exceptional technical document

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Client Testimonial

“[Advance] took the time to get to know us and all the needs of our small operation. [Advance] presented intelligent options for saving us money and over all made us feel like they would truly take care of our copier needs both now and as we hopefully continue to grow in the future.”

Steve R.
Hardware Solutions Customer