“Advances” in Remote Support

Posted On November 10, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

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Just the other day I overheard a conversation regarding a service provider and their inability to fix a simple network connectivity issue over the phone. I said to myself, “Why aren’t they using remote assistance tools to address these issues?” While Advance does indeed offer phone support, the bulk of service calls within our Network Services department can be handled remotely and with very little input from the customer. The days of painful phone support and having a technician walk you through each and every push of a button should be almost over thanks to the availability of remote support support products, such as Log Me In 1-2-3.

Today’s remote support tools allow our Network Service technicians to improve efficiency as well as serve a wider geographical range of customers. Before remote support was well adopted, service technicians would spend a good part of their day commuting rather than tending to connectivity issues. Today a single technician can double or even triple their number of calls per day, and clients can benefit from faster, more responsive service. This is a huge value considering that over 90% of all network related service calls at Advance are resolved remotely.

Recently we enabled a feature within our remote support software that allowed for clients to provide feedback following a remote session. The replies that Advance received were fantastic and really showed how many clients appreciate the speed at which their issues were corrected. Comments such as “Great service – patient & very helpful! Thanks, you saved the day!!” really hit home and prove that not only does Advance have an efficient remote support help desk, but also top notch employees focusing on the needs of our clients. So, the next time you are experiencing issues don’t hesitate to lean on the Advance Network Services help desk for quick and easy remote support.