Free configuration tools for your Savin/Ricoh and Canon MFDs

Posted On July 27, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

Your Ricoh/Savin and Canon devices have a wealth of features.  Configuring these options can sometimes be a daunting task for I.T. or the technical end user; however there are several free utilities out there that can help with device configuration.

LDAP integration is a feature that can help I.T. improve device security via enhanced authentication while also helping end users by enabling email LDAP searches.  After configuring and implementing the LDAP search feature, it enables real-time searches to be performed and potentially eliminates the need to maintain lengthy address books on each device.  The problem here is configuration and in some cases I.T. or end users may not be fully aware of what is needed to properly configure the search.  This is where free utilities such LDAP Browser 4.5 from Softerra come into play.  LDAP Browser allows the administrator to create different profiles bound to various search bases, test credentials, and view attributes.  Once connection is confirmed using this method and authentication has succeeded you can then rest assured that the same information will work properly within your MFD and configuration should be a snap.

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For administrators who choose not to configure LDAP integration on their device; LDAP Browser 4.5 still provides some useful tools.  It’s quite easy to export users based on various criteria along with their email address and parse to a typical .CSV or other compatible format.  Using this method will allow the administrator to import the data directly into the MFD using free tools from the manufacturer such as Smart Device Monitor for Admin from Ricoh/Savin.  Most Canon models even allow for LDIF imports to be done via the web interface which is a supported export format as well.

Regardless of what method is taken to integrate your device, be aware that free tools exist to assist in the setup.  The Advance Network Services help desk technicians are fully versed in these configuration methods and are ready to support your staff.  Contact the Advance Service department for further information.