Hurricane Florence: How Can You Prepare Your Maryland Business?

Posted On September 13, 2018 By Advance Blog

hurricane florence - is your business safe?

Expected to hit the coastline late Thursday evening, Hurricane Florence has already forced evacuation of more than 1 million people in places as far north as Virginia. This Category 2 storm is capable of catastrophic damage, channeling wind speeds of up to 110 mph and forecasting record-setting storm surges.

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We live in Maryland – so, what’s the big deal?

A state of Emergency has been declared in both Washington D.C. and Maryland as we expect to see torrential rainfall and flooding in the area. Hurricanes beat and batter coastal towns, but they can also deliver devastating winds, rainfall, and flooding to many inland communities – communities that are far less prepared for hurricane-force storms. Hurricane Florence, in particular, is not expected to stop its path of destruction after hitting the coastline. Much like last year’s Hurricane Harvey, this storm is expected to bring catastrophic flooding to inland communities up the eastern coast.

You’ve purchased water bottles and prepared your home for the potential storm this weekend, but what can you do to secure and protect your business?

How could Hurricane Florence impact my Maryland business?

  • Direct damage to your facility due to flooding, high winds, and debris such as tree limbs.
  • Extended road closures that impede your workforce from arriving to work.
  • Extended power outages capable of halting your operations.
  • Regional damage can affect the lives and homes of your employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

How can I prepare my organization for a hurricane?

The storm is coming. What can I do to make sure my systems are back up and running after the hurricane?

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