iPad / iPhone Printing Solutions

Posted On March 14, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

Once again, Mac was on the forefront of injecting another piece of life-changing technology into the market. The iPad and iPhone are changing the ways that users access information not to mention the frequency. While most information is accessed in a digital formal, virtually every document is reproduced in a hard copy format at some point in its lifetime. This created a need to be able to print from your iPad or iPhone which wasn’t always a cut and dry option from the start.

AirPrint from Apple is the technology that allows jobs to be submitted from your iPad or iPhone without manufacturer specific drivers in most cases. While this is great technology it was only initially available for a select set of devices and MFP’s were not included in that list.

Manufacturers have since developed apps of their own that utilize the AirPrint technology therefore options are not so limited. Fiery has introduced the PrintMe Connect solution that directly interfaces with AirPrint and enables the user to print to any Fiery PrintMe Connect enabled device. The software is robust, extremely easy to configure, and best of all free. The only downside is that it requires a Windows “Server” (can be a workstation) to host the software. Once setup properly anyone on the network can print with their iPad or iPhone without much setup.

Another interesting technology that allow for complete remote printing is¬†HotSpot from Ricoh/Savin. This technology isn’t solely geared towards Apple or any manufacturer for that matter since it uses email or HTTP as the transport method. With this option you can simply email your documents to an address listed on your printer. After receiving a return email you will be able to enter your access code and retrieve your documents. These options are becoming more and more popular in public spaces such as airports, mall, and hotels.

This is just a quick view as to what is actually available. Be on the lookout for more print options geared towards your mobile device.