Lights, camera, copy!

Posted On July 8, 2011 By Advance Blog

Back when Homicide: Life on the Street was filmed in Baltimore in the 90s, they used an Advance copier for their script duplications (they’d copy thousands of pages at a time), which would be distributed to cast and crew.

Often, the copies were being made overnight once the writer’s changes were final, which was usually after 9pm. A few hours later, Alan received the frantic call that the copier wasn’t working and the scripts needed to be ready before dawn. Not long after the call, Alan had them at our downtown showroom, which, at the time, was in Baltimore’s World Trade Center, and the machines were humming along creating scripts.

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Once our service technician had a chance to examine the non-working copier, it was found to be a voltage issue with the plug, not the machine, but either way, we made it right for them. The scripts were ready in time, and everyone was happy. So happy in fact, that the Homicide folks sang our praises to the film industry, recommending that anyone coming to film in Baltimore in need of a copier, printer, or multifunctional device behind the scenes should call Advance.

While the copier didn’t get an actual cameo, it sure did help in making sure that the show went on! So hey Hollywood, give us a ring when you come into town. We’ll find the right MFP to copy your scripts!  Even better, we can turn them into electronic documents and the actors can work off of their iPads!