Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain…

Posted On August 25, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

One of the beauties of network management is having the right tools to orchestrate how electronic documents move throughout your office. There is nothing better than finding the right application to simplify a time-consuming process. Take, for example, the management of your scan destinations and document workflows on your multifunctional devices (MFDs)—it’s so much work! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage everything (regardless of the manufacturer) all from one place like the IT wizard that you are? With eCopy ShareScan Suite, you can with ease.

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eCopy is a third party provider of document capture solutions and integration software. The eCopy ShareScan Suite is a feature rich  scanning environment that comes in two flavors, ScanStation and Embedded.

Both solutions replace the typical MFD interface with that of the ShareScan Suite and provide the enhanced scanning and capture features. Some of the most commonly used features are Windows/LDAP Authentication and OCR functionality. When using Windows Authentication users can easily login to their domain and are instantly provided access to network resources they have permissions to.

Configuration for IT is a snap since the eCopy can rely on user level permissions already configured on the domain. Document conversion using the built-in OCR function allows end-users to choose from various output formats such a PDF/A, Word, Excel, XPS, and so on. Scanning the document to a format of your choice makes for one less step (conversion) and one less piece of software.

ScanStation solutions integrate with just about every manufacturer and work extremely well with the Ricoh, Savin and Canon product lines. The solution includes a separate workstation connected to the multifunctional copier or printer featuring a full touch screen and keyboard. This is recommended for environments where speed, accessibility, and data entry are of top concern.

The “Embedded” solution integrates right in with your multifunctional’s existing touch screen and saves space by not requiring an additional workstation. The only requirement for Embedded is that is relies on the Java interface and is only supported on MFDs capable of running Java.

Users will find that the interface of the ScanStation and Embedded solutions are identical and provide many of the same features. Regardless of which solution is used, the administrator will have the ability to configure all eCopy enabled devices from a single console. End users will also have access to the same data no matter which MFD they are using thus providing them with a seamless scanning environment. After all, eCopy is all about “Making Paper Work” (not you, I might add)…why not let them give you and your office a little break?

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