How Can I Print from my Mobile Device?

Posted On May 3, 2012 By Advance Blog

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you not to take toys to school with you, but you did it anyway? Today as adults, we continue to bring our toys to work…but instead of bringing a favorite action figure (or babydoll- for the ladies), we are bringing our smart phones and mobile devices to work and it’s a good thing! Bring your own device, or “BYOD” is a philosophy that is quickly spreading in healthcare. The reason we want to bring these devices into the office is because they’ve become our personal problem solvers and integrate our personal lives with our work.

The use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular in healthcare, as practices begin to embrace technology. It’s known that mobile devices can interact with EHRs and can put your practice in the palm of our hand. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could print from your mobile devices? Now you can, thanks to a new feature called PrintMe Mobile, which enables any mobile device to print to any printer. That’s right, no matter what the brand.

If so many people are bringing their smart phones and tablets to work, why not utilize them? Here are three reasons to consider PrintMe Mobile for your office.

1. Productivity- Handle tasks with ease, without having to jump through hoops to print a document from your phone. Mobile devices are great for turning a “to do list” into a “done list”. Quickly maneuver through projects, without having to finagle a way to print.

2. Convenience- Any mobile device, can print to any printer. Print with ease from the devices that you use the most.

3. Simple Install- Though this sounds like an IT nightmare, setup is a snap. Takes 15 minutes from download to first mobile print output.

Remember that technology is intended to speed things up, not slow you down. Make sure your EHR vendor has the right tools to put your practice on top and the technology to keep you there.