Printing is a snap with Google Cloud Print

Posted On April 26, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

How many times have you been working with your mobile device and needed to print a document to your local printer?  Have you found yourself out of the office but would still like the option to send a document to a printer offsite?  These have not always been options but with the rapid enhancements in technology you are now able to do so with cloud based applications such as Google Cloud Print.

While Google Cloud Print is not considered an enterprise printing solution, it certainly offers end users some great options for remote printing.  It’s also a snap to setup and anyone with a Gmail account can take advantage of its features.  Once enabled, any user with access to those printers and Google Cloud Print friendly applications, such as the Google Mobile suite, can submit print jobs from anywhere to just about any printer.

Other requirements include the Google Chrome web browser and a PC to host the “shared” printers.  Currently you must also stay logged into that PC in order for the services to run however that could change in the near future when more printers become “cloud-aware” devices.  For right now formatting is not perfect so don’t expect all of your documents to compare to a typical print driver.  Nonetheless, there is one more option out there in the cloud to support your printing (especially mobile) needs.