Everyone Has a Story

Posted On February 28, 2012 By Advance Blog

Everyone has a story. There are thousands of them, and they’re all interesting, fresh, innovative and engaging. Even Advance has a story. Ours is a heartwarming one involving two entrepreneurs who wanted more from their careers, and they blazed a trail to get what they wanted. It’s led us to where we are today – a healthy, strong, forward-thinking company with some very talented people. And, some very talented customers as well.

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We decided it was time to tell their stories, so here’s the first of three video case studies highlighting an extraordinary business that we were able to help become even more extraordinary. We focus on the back office, so our customers can do what they do best – run their businesses. That’s what we get up for in the morning….it’s what we love.

So here’s the first story…it’s one from our partners at J. J. Haines and Company, Inc., the largest independent flooring distribution company in the U.S. with operations covering the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. We hope you enjoy it and can perhaps relate to it, even just a little. And we invite you to join us at the next document management workshop to learn about all the capabilities Advance can offer for a more efficient back office.