Taming the document management beast

Posted On July 11, 2011 By Advance Blog

Document management can seem overwhelming. Workflow, archival, retrieval – it’s a daunting task that can strike fear in the hearts of IT folks, CFOs and end users. It’s similar to Sloth from the Goonies. Terrifying…until you get to know him. Then, you just can’t live without the loveable lug. At least that’s what Chunk felt at the end of the Goonies adventure.

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It’s not so different with document management, but there’s an easy way to overcome the fear. It begins by finding the right partner. And the right partner is going to guide you through this intimidating process, and show you how simple, and lovable, it can be. The number one rule, you might ask? Start small.

Shed the anxiety over document management and chunk (pun intended) it down. There are two key elements we look into when evaluating how documents flow through a company. 1.) how does the current process work? and 2.) Where can we provide a solution that improves efficiency? Not all solutions, just one. Think about one process you’d like to tame. Invoice processing, Proof of Deliveries, job applications, etc.

With one process in mind, your partner, during a series of discovery meetings, will thoroughly document how the process currently works. A good partner will provide a proof of concept by demonstrating how the software will work for you. The upfront costs will seem high at first, but keep in mind that in a matter of months, you’ll see the ROI of implementing a document management software solution.

The hard part is over. The initial investment and the anxiety of your employees adapting to a changing work environment is over.   You’ve now laid the groundwork for the next process to be evaluated and improved. As a matter of fact, you may have department heads asking when their team will be the beneficiaries of improved workflow. Before you know it your entire organization is using document management and wondering how they ever lived without it.

Electronic document management is more about finding the right partner to guide you through the process.