The Proof (of Delivery) is in the Pudding

Posted On March 9, 2011 By Advance Blog

A typical proof of delivery situation for a manufacturing company…driver delivers goods, receives POD, takes it back to the warehouse/office or mails them. They’re processed manually using a paper-based system involving filing, copying, routing, and mailing (again with the mailing). Room for error in these processes? Yup. That’s what customer JJ Haines was finding when we first started talking to them about their process. PODs were getting mis-filed or never making it back to the corporate office for invoice processing. That meant lost time searching for documents and a lot of lost dollars.

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Enter, Advance¬†(cue the guy with the announcer voice and the red “A” on his chest). JJ Haines walked Advance through their entire process – each and every step all the way through final invoice processing. We listened. What we came up with has saved them over $50,000 in hard and soft costs, cutting down on time and lost PODs. We transformed their traditional paper-based process into a full blown, easy to use electronic document management solution.