How to Increase Web Traffic from Business Printing

Posted On June 29, 2016 By Advance Blog

Designing Your Business’ Print Media to Increase Visitors to Your Website

“Print is dead.” – We’ve all read this same article time and again for the last twenty years. Seemingly on a mission to prove the naysayers wrong, countless businesses’ print media has stood the test of time as an ever-important branch of their marketing tree. Product brochures and direct mail postcards alike continue to show fantastic results as we trek deeper into the digital era.

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However impressive the return, as 21st century marketers, we can’t just focus on print media… buyers are spending their time online, researching options before contacting suppliers. In fact, 57% of the buyer’s decision-making process is done before they ever reach out to a salesperson. That’s why it is crucial for businesses to sustain healthy, robust websites that educate visitors and convince them that when they are ready to speak with a professional, your company is the one to call.

So, which is more important: your tried and true print mail campaign that continuously brings in calls or maintaining a digital presence that increasingly leads traffic to your website? The truth is, all of our marketing content, traditional and digital, is working together to drive results. Everything is interconnected: the magazine article you published last month leads readers to a related blog post. Your TV commercial sends viewers to a product-specific landing page. Even your email signatures act as a way to capture Facebook followers.


We’re all strapped for time, so let’s kill two birds with one stone: let’s use our reliable business printing tactics to drive website traffic from the masses.  Digital strategies and print marketing working together to achieve results rather than splitting the funds, time, and manpower in half to labor over two separate initiatives. Can it be this simple?

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Designing Your Business’ Print Media to Increase Visitors to Your Website

1. Run a Contest

Think about all of the printed communication your company sends out to your customers and prospects. From company updates to invoices, you’re probably sending enough mail to qualify for your own zip code! Maybe it doesn’t matter what’s inside the mail, but what’s printed on the envelope…

Design an envelope to be mailed out with a regular communication that advertises a company-sponsored contest. Direct people to a landing page on your site that outlines rules and includes a form to collect information. Allow customers to enter the contest once a week – this will keep them coming back for more!

2. Utilize QR Codes

Think about how your printed pieces are making their way around town. Your collateral may be placed in a partner’s office, or maybe you have posters printed for all major bus stops in Baltimore. Either way, QR Codes are quick and easy ways to send people directly to your site.

At a recent event held at Advance, we printed table tents that promoted our latest blog post. The QR code took visitors directly to our website, and made the process extremely simple – a must if you’d like people to find you online!

Try this website for creating your own QR Codes:

3. Keyword Ranking

Let’s say you’re sending out flyers to advertise for your next company event. Try making the call to action keyword-based. This will help you rank higher for keywords as traffic picks up!

Quick Tip:
Remember, you have to already be ranking for these keywords for this tactic to work. Say, for instance, that you are a recruiting firm that hosts local networking events for your clients. The keyword phrase [Baltimore Recruiting Events] already lands your company a #6 spot in a Google Search. You’re still on the first page of results, but you would love to rank higher. Directing your prospects to gain access to your site by searching for this phrase will likely improve your keyword ranking and help to achieve both SEO goals and drive website traffic – a win/win!

The opportunities to tie your print marketing strategy to your website traffic initiatives are endless. Be creative, and let us know what else you can come up with in the comment field below!