So what’s next in the cloud…iCloud

Posted On June 15, 2011 By Kevin O'Brien

We already have a multitude of apps that allow Multifunctional Devices (MFD’s) and printers to integrate seamlessly into your current cloud-based programs.  Google has been a heavy hitter in this area with items such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Cloud Print Integration.  It seems right that Apple will need to take a stab at this market and Apple iCloud is what they have produced which will be replacing MobileMe.

Would adopting cloud computing be right for your business? Let’s find out.


Apple is taking a much different approach to the cloud market than others and it will be interesting to see if it grows beyond its initial offerings.  Google’s approach to keep everything stored in one place and also make you access it from that location is the traditional cloud method and one requiring that you have Internet access at all times.  I might add that it has worked very well and I anticipate its popularity to grow.  Apple on the other hand is storing your data in one central location; however that same data will be immediately synchronized to your Apple device or software.  This means that your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes will automatically and continuously be synchronized.  In addition, when using your app you won’t necessarily be connecting to the cloud each time to access that information as you would with other cloud based solutions.  This is valuable because having offline access to your data is pretty important in those times when Internet access is slim to null.

What does this mean for you and your MFD and/or printer?  Well, potentially more apps to allow you to scan and store your documents in Apple’s cloud.  Of course you will still have your typical scan to email option in which plug-ins are not needed but I can only imagine that plug-ins will be created to further simplify things.  So for all you Apple users, stay tuned to the Advance website for future app offerings.

Check out Apple’s iCloud intro video on YouTube.