Why Managed Print Services?

Posted On March 4, 2011 By Advance Blog

Over the years, Advance has been known in the market place for excellent customer service. Our products and services change as technology evolves, but we continue to focus on the philosophy of service while we try to help our customers shift non core activities off their plate.

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One of the recent advances in the MFP copier based industry is the expansion to support of the laser printer output. The term Managed Print Services (MPS) has become a loose catch-all phrase for support of print output. At Advance, we have defined it as support of the laser printer based products within our traditional MFP client’s office.

MPS is the natural expansion of our award winning service on MFP devices. Frankly, we have watched printer equipment and volumes explode within our customer base for many years. These fleets of printers often times create inefficiencies for our customers and we have built programs to address some of the current challenges. The advantages of having a managed print arrangement for our clients include: shifting resources from the I.T. and purchasing departments to an outsourced provider, having a strategy on a important part of the office infrastructure, and reducing expenses and waste.

Typically, our MPS clients come from our existing customer base and want to consolidate vendors. They will allow us to support additional parts of their office because we have proven to have a strong service platform. Our successful implementation include mid sized organizations in the medical, educational, architectural, non profit and manufacturing fields.