Speed Up Your Workflow with In-Line GBC Punching

Posted On June 7, 2012 By Scott Guercio

As the Sales Training Manager for Advance, my role allows me to assist our Account Representatives with sales discovery meetings. Recently, I have attended several client appointments which resulted in Advance solutions for in-line GBC punching on our multifunctional devices (MFD). These systems drastically reduce the time it takes our customers to complete jobs that required binding. The types of GBC punching that we support include Plastic CombBind, Twin Loop WireBind, Color Coil, VeloBind and ProClick.

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If your business produces GBC bound material, I don’t have to tell you how time consuming it can be to punch pages with a manual, or even electric, countertop machine. Typically, those machines can only punch between 15 and 25 sheets of paper at a time. Imagine if you needed to punch 50 sets of a 60 page job, 20 pages at a time……ughh! Our in-line professional punching systems can be installed on both of the MFD manufacturers that we represent (Ricoh/Savin and Canon) and can run at the rated MFD engine speed. Meaning, a 75 page per minute machine will still run at 75 pages per minute, even when it is producing GBC punched output. This allows our clients to quickly print and punch pages on our MFDs in a single pass, with only the binding left to complete.

Many of our customers that have the professional GBC punching unit also have multiple die sets, to accommodate different types of punching and binding. That way they can quickly swap out a 19 hole Plastic CombBind die for the 44 hole ColorCoil die, depending on what the job requires. The dies sets are easy to install and remove by hand because they don’t require any tools. They simply slide in and out. The punching unit provides space to store multiple die sets when they are not in use. These machines have become so popular, that GBC even offers the option of having custom die sets created for punch styles that they don’t already support.

If your office is bogged down by finished jobs that require GBC punching and binding, give us a call. We would be happy to show you what you’re missing!